Your Friday Five For June 6–10

Let’s rank stuff!

Will Leitch
3 min readJun 10, 2022


We are now ranking things, every Friday. We will attempt to stick to rankings of things that have some sort of connection to the news of that week, but we can’t guarantee anything. Want us to rank something? Put it in the responses, or email us at

Performances by Good Actors in Jurassic Park Movies

  1. Samuel L. Jackson
  2. Pete Postlethwaite
  3. Laura Dern
  4. Jeff Goldblum
  5. Julianne Moore
  6. Sam Neill
  7. Lauren Lapkus
  8. Jake Johnson
  9. Wayne Knight
  10. Irrfan Khan
  11. Richard Attenborough
  12. BD Wong
  13. Omar Sy
  14. Vince Vaughn
  15. Michael Jeter
  16. Judy Greer
  17. Tea Leoni
  18. Richard Schiff
  19. James Cromwell
  20. Alessandro Nivola
  21. William H. Macy
  22. Peter Stormare
  23. Bryce Dallas Howard
  24. Ted Levine
  25. Rafe Spall
  26. Vincent d’Onofrio
  27. Arliss Howard
  28. Toby Jones
  29. Chris Pratt

These movies are just a graveyard for actors. And they may have murdered any goodwill anyone had left for Chris Pratt.

Colin Trevorrow movies

  1. Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)
  2. Jurassic World (2015)
  3. Jurassic World Dominion (2022)
  4. The Book of Henry (2017)

This guy sure has caused lots of damage with just four movies. Also: Safety Not Guaranteed isn’t that good either!



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