Your Friday Five For April 18–22

Let’s Rank Stuff!

Will Leitch


We are now ranking things, every Friday. We will attempt to stick to rankings of things that have some sort of connection to the news of that week, but we can’t guarantee anything. Want us to rank something? Put it in the responses, or email us at

Gaspar Noe movies

  1. Climax (2018)
  2. Enter the Void (2009)
  3. Love (2014)
  4. Irreversible (2002)
  5. I Stand Alone (1998)

I have not yet seen Vortex, which opens Friday, but will be doing so this weekend and will update accordingly. Noe is of course a French filmmaker but did not in fact move to France — from Argentina — until he was 13. Can you imagine Gaspar Noe not from France?

Sports drafts

  1. NBA Draft
  2. NFL Draft
  3. WNBA Draft
  4. MLB Draft
  5. NHL Draft

For what it’s worth: Drafts are bad!

Owners of Deadspin

  1. Nick Denton
  2. Univision
  3. G/O Media

Unfortunately, Deadspin died in November 2019 and never published again.

Robert Eggers movies

  1. The Lighthouse (2019)
  2. The Northman (2022)
  3. The Witch (2016)

I am a longtime skeptic of The Witch, but Eggers’ next two movies were both so good that I’m willing to take a step back and realize I might have been wrong about that one.

Streaming services I pay for, ranked by how much I use and value them

  2. HBO Max
  3. Hulu
  4. Netflix
  5. Apple TV
  6. Disney Plus
  7. Paramount Plus

That Netflix isn’t №1, or at least №2, on that list — and falling — is a bad sign.

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Will Leitch

Author of six books, including “How Lucky” and "The Time Has Come." NYMag/MLB.. Founder, Deadspin.