Your 2020 Tortured NFL Fanbase Rankings

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For seven seasons, after the Super Bowl ended, I did a ranking of the Most Tortured NFL Fanbase rankings for Sports On Earth. (Here’s 2017's.) Obviously there is no Sports On Earth anymore, but I liked doing them, and I feel like there’s some historical continuity to hang onto here, so here this is year’s.

(Though we’re just doing a list here. If you want the usual 2,000-word piece full of the typically illuminating commentary, I insist on a modest pittance.)
(Or, knowing me, you’ll just have to ask.)

32. New England Patriots (Last year: 32)
31. Kansas City Chiefs (5)
30. Philadelphia Eagles (30)
29. Pittsburgh Steelers (29)
28. Las Vegas Raiders (14)
27. Denver Broncos (28)
26. Baltimore Ravens (27)
25. Green Bay Packers (26)
24. New York Giants (24)
23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (22)
22. Indianapolis Colts (21)
21. Seattle Seahawks (20)
20 New Orleans Saints (12)
19. San Francisco 49ers (23)
18. Los Angeles Rams (31)
17. Los Angeles Chargers (25)
16. Tennessee Titans (18)
15. Houston Texans (17)
14. Jacksonville Jaguars (15)
13. Carolina Panthers (16)
12. Dallas Cowboys (19)
11. Chicago Bears (11)
10. Miami Dolphins (13)
9. Cincinnati Bengals (10)
8. Washington Football Team (9)
7. New York Jets (8)
6. Arizona Cardinals (7)
5. Atlanta Falcons (6)
4. Detroit Lions (4)
3. Minnesota Vikings (3)
2. Buffalo Bills (2)
1. Cleveland Browns (1)

Email me at if you want more detailed explanations or want to engage in a discussion because I spend way too much time thinking about this stuff.

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