Your 2018 Tortured College Basketball Fanbase Rankings

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For the past five seasons, after the college basketball season ended, I did a ranking of the 25 Most Tortured College Basketball Fanbase rankings for Sports On Earth. (Here’s last year’s.) Obviously there is no Sports On Earth anymore, but I liked doing them, and I feel like there’s some historical continuity to hang onto here, so here this is year’s.

(Though we’re just doing a list here. If you want the usual 2,000-word piece full of the typically illuminating commentary, I insist on a modest pittance.)
(Or, knowing me, you’ll just have to ask.)
(Also I might start some pubbing some side stuff over here at Medium, we’ll see, hi everybody.)

20. William & Mary/Army/St. Francis (NY)/The Citadel. (the “original” college basketball teams that still have never made the tournament. How as Army never made it?)

19. Kansas State

18. Iowa State

17. Pittsburgh

16. Memphis

15. Michigan State

14. Xavier

13. Tennessee

12. Arizona

11. BYU

10. Wisconsin

9. Butler

8. Michigan

7. Indiana

6. Missouri

5. Illinois

4. Ohio State

3. Purdue (lots of Big Ten teams on this list, which will happen when you haven’t won a national championship this century)

2. Gonzaga

  1. Virginia

I am sure I got this all wrong. Email me if you want to tell me why.

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