I Successfully Hid My Children From Donald Trump Jr.

A parental story of victory.

Will Leitch
3 min readNov 1, 2022


Like any parent, I am constantly making mistakes, screwing things up, struggling to figure out the right way to both support my children when they need my help, to praise them when they have done well, to correct them with they haven’t. It’s an impossible job, but you do your best. And when you do something right, it’s OK to pat yourself on the back, to give yourself a little credit: Those moments are few and far between.

So here’s a little self-praise for myself as a parent: My children have no idea who Donald Trump Jr. is.

I learned this in the best possible way. We were getting the children ready for school this morning when the “Today” show ran a story on the former President’s son’s “decision” to post a crude meme mocking Paul Pelosi, the Speaker of the House’s husband, for being attacked with a hammer by a mentally ill man who wanted to kidnap and “kneecap” the speaker. If you missed this, you are fortunate. But here’s what this numbnuts retweeted, lovingly, adding, “The internet remains undefeated… Also if you switch out the hammer for a red feather boa you could be Hunter Biden in an instant.”

This is, I remind you, how the son of a former President reacted to an 82-year-old man being attacked in the middle of the night by a mentally ill man who had broken into his home.

When the “Today” show discussed this post, they noted that the Donald Trump Jr. had retweeted it. At this point, my younger son, still a bit groggy from all the Halloween candy the night before, made a face of awe and wonder.

“What?” he said. “There’s a Donald Trump Junior?

Yes, young lad, there is. May I show you enough love in this life that you never have to do something like this.



Will Leitch

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